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Anyone need a 1 bdrm apartment in Chicago (Hyde Park)?

I know this isn't a classifieds service, but as I have a new job in California and my landlords would like me to find a subletter, I thought I would ask if anyone here needs it.

If so, please feel free to call me at (773) 624-0652.  My name is Linda and the hubs is Pat, and we can explain the details!

Good for you! I live outside of the city and would just love to get away from these winters. I'm so tired of the days of grey weather. I ask around but I don't think I know anybody in the near future looking. How soon do you need to leave?


Hey Duckalucky...Is Craigslist popular in Chicago?  I know that when I lived in the Bay Area it was THE place to find and rent apartments.  It's free to post an ad.

Good luck on the move!


I did post one, and it was outstandingly friendly and easy to do-- I recommend it!  Yes, it seems to be hugely popular-- just thought I'd pass on a tip here too.  My mom also recommends CL (she's got properties that she rents), so it was our go-to-- that and the University Marketplace site.

I'm trying to find a sublessor on super-short notice, really. 

I'm moving out on Sunday (gulp!) by flying to my brother's home, where I can stay while I look for a new place in California (he has storage space and a huge home, hallelujah!)  My partner is following with all our worldly possessions about a week later.


"All our worldly possessions" I love that phrase. Who will transport the unworldly, or otherworldly, stuff?? Just teasing you!! :D


How is Pepe going to move?  If you're avoiding vaccines for any reason, JetBlue is the only airline I've found that will let you fly with a pet without a vaccination record.  They only allow 3 pets on board at one time and the pet stays under the seatback in front of you - never in baggage or some 'pressurized' chamber (which may or may not be temperature controlled).  I'll be thinking of your during your move.  Good luck.  :)


dont leave duckalucky!!!

i love the fact that we are both chicagoans, vegan, and both live on the south side of chicago.  how awesome.  anyways i am just being selfish.  i will ask around.  good luck to you and yours however.

remember GO BEARS!




Just a quick peek to see if anyone had demanded the apartment. 

Pepe will be riding in her carrier in the ol' moving van with my husband-- a trial for both of them, to be sure, but she's a pretty good traveller (she moved a lot as a younger cat).  We used to let her go carrier-free til I looked into survival rates for pets in/out of carriers... so poor thing has to be restrained (carrier/seat belt).  Which is just as well, since she'll sleep if she's bored.

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