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Another Fired Up Idea

When I was talking to my Pet/House Sitter yesterday, she told me that a box showed up via mail yesterday. I told her to go ahead and open it (hoping it wasn't the big box of "porn" I order every month, or a bomb from the local talibangelicals... kidding :D). It was another yet mug from another animal related charity I donate to with my name on it. Over the past few years I have received mugs, stuffed animals, calanders (tons of those) shirts, sweat shirts, carry bags, day packs, water bottles (for hiking), etc. During the past year whenever I renewed my memberships, or just made a donation I asked pretty much every environmental group, charity, humane society, or rescue group to NOT send me the "free gift". I would really rather that as much money of my contribution or membership fee be used for the animals (or their principle cause). I'm sure some people love the little gifts, and it's good advertising sometimes. I just want to know if anyone agrees with me on this issue. Is there a way to maybe start to contact some of these groups and ask them to at least include an "opt out" box to check off when they offer a free gift for a certain donation amount.

If anyone wants to maybe they can come up with a form letter as an attachment we can use to email some of these groups. Since I don't feel that letter writting is my strong point in life, and there seem to be so many of you "highly educated" veges here.....anyone want to write one?

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.....


Yes, I suppose the gifts are an incentive to donate for some...for example I love T-shirts, and I'm a sucker for a decent-sized tote bag...but I agree, a lot of money gets sunk into admin costs and paying for publicity gifts. So yes, I think they should provide a check-box where you can say "use ALL my money for the animals please."
This reminds me of my public radio days...the higher the donation the snazzier the gift...right up to signed brass sculptures, but then of course to get one of those your donation had to be in the thousands.


I love this idea too. There have been time like you I make a point to write a little note asking them not to send the free gift and I still get it. I too am not a strong writer.

Aren't there a couple of lit majors out there?


To Whom it May Concern,

    I am grateful for the work of this organization and believe that a financial contribution to it is a worthy means for me to make a difference in our world. I do, however,  have a concern about making that contribution. My desire is for these funds to be used for making that difference. I am concerned that much of the money donated is used to create or purchase rewards for donors. Additionally, many of these gifts or small tokens of appreciation are really contributing to further environmental damage. For myself, and other like-minded potential supporters of your work, would you consider giving the option to refuse these gifts? When I fill out my donation form, I'd love to see an opt-out box, or even a spot on the form where someone would have to request the gift. Thankyou for your time and consideration.



'course I am still on pain meds.  . .if that doesn't work or needs tweakin'. . .feel free.  ;)


maybe you could give those away for free on your next garage sale or take them to the thrift store.


That looks great 7. Thanks and enjoy the meds while you can. :D


Oh my gosh, The Humane Society are the WORST offenders when it comes to this.  I love the Humane Society and have always given money to them, so at some point, they had 3 names for me at once, which meant that about once a month I got 3 gifts: one for FIRSTNAME MAIDENNAME, one for FIRSTNAME MARRIEDNAME, and one for FIRSTNAME MAIDENNAME MARRIEDNAME, as though these could be 3 separate people living at the same address, all of whom wanted to be drowned in XL t-shirts and coffee mugs!  I wrote several letters, which finally stopped the onslaught, but it was really disheartening to think that all my donor money was going to print the hundreds of flashlights, travel alarm clocks, canvas bags, etc., etc. they were so glibly sending through the mail to me every month...  My letters must have worked, because I don't get any free gifts anymore  ;)  Thanks for the sample letter, 7, I'll keep it on file for any future offenders.

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