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2 Lambs in 1 day..

Today I went to a festival and saw a lamb surrounded by curious children in a petting zoo.
Tonight I walked past the butcher's shop and saw a whole raw-skinned frozen lamb carried on the shoulder of a man who looked sorry I had to witness a glimpse of the stock transportation.
They looked so different in structure and in expression, I was shocked. :'(
The most shocking thing though was the delivery-person's compassion for the human reaction to the sight of the animal and lack of care for the body on his back.
He seemed almost ashamed.. it was weird..
Sorry, had to get my experience out..

Has anyone else seen that haunting expression of pain up-close? It's scary..
Here's a thought/abstract theory:- There are those who feel compassion greatly for the human condition and those who feel more for that of the animal. Any thoughts? Similar experiences?

I sat down with my boyfriend and we watched "Earthlings" together on youtube one afternoon. He was nearly to the point of tears after trying to comfort me when I started bawling during one of the scenes. It hurt him so much to see me upset, but the things that hurt *me* to the point of sobbing, in the video, didn't phase him at all.

The whole thing was upsetting for me, especially his reaction. I dont think I could bear a look of compassion, directed towards me, on a butcher's face.

I wonder if the children would make the connection if they had seen the two. It really is sick to take your kids to pet and romp with these animals, the same animals they'll be fed as they grow.  :-\

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