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Hi everybody, how's it going?

I'm nalem, I'm a freelance artist from NYC who now resides in Kentucky. I draw cartoons and comics for a living! I love drawing, comics, cartoons, cooking, exercising, baby animals, and hand puppets. [whisper] you can follow my art blog here [] ;) 

So I changed my diet due to Super Size Me. After Spurlock did that horrific McDonald's diet, it claims the damage done by the food was undone by a 12 [or was it 18] month vegan detox! Being such a sick kid all of my life, I figured I'd try it out. I went pescatarian 3 years ago, vegetarian 2 years ago, and strict vegan back this January. Thanks, Skinny Bitch and Vegan Girl's Guide to Life!  So far, it's pretty great! I've been a consistent weight for 3 years, I don't have asthma attacks/breathing issues anymore [unless I play with a dog or a cat without taking my allergy medicine;]  It's really helped my life out, I feel great and I'm always smiling now!

Nice to be here! I don't know many vegans in person! Let's be friends!



Hi Nalem! Welcome! I thnk you'll love it here! (And Super Size Me really messed me up, too!!) (Also, my boyfriend is an indie comic guy, and just contributed a story about being vegan to an anthology called Digeste (sp??)!

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