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Yet Another Newb.

Hi All,

My name is Johanna and I'm another newbie :D.  Seems like you have lots of newbies in here.  I only just became a vegetarian ;)b.  It's been in the works for awhile, Spirit was calling, but.  . . I didn't want to listen.  However; after reading the book "Skinny Bitch", well, that's all I needed.  My daughters are wanting to try it too.  I've not had any meat since last Friday, nor have they and I want to ensure that they get everything they need protein wise ---and vitamin B12 too.  Personally, I don't really miss the meat thing so much, but.  . . I am worried about the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals coming all too soon.  No one else in the family wants their traditional meal messed with, so I've decided to cook a few extra side dishes and I personally will skip the meat.  Does that sound like a plan???  I've tried a few soy products in the past and I like some of them, but I am open to easy to prepare meals---they have to be simple because I don't really enjoy cooking anymore.  My daughter is requesting a vegetarian alternative to chicken parmesian ???.  Is there such a thing?!

Wow, I've uh.  . . really sort of rambled here.  Anyhoo, I am forty something and have been a dedicated meateater for all of my life.  I live in Florida (hope to leave one day) and I have four wonderful kids.  One son is in Iraq :-\, the rest of the bunch lives here at home with us.  My younger son is studying to be a film director and is in his second year of college.  My oldest daughter stays busy working and helping her old folks, and the youngest is an artist ;)b of epic proportions---to us anyway, lol.  My husband is .  .  . not well and has been in the hospital for five weeks now.  This is the fifth hospitalization since March from complications due to sudden and acute Pancreatitis.  He may never be able to eat properly again; if he can manage it, he is actually considering the vegetarian thing too.

Peace All,
the DragonLady

welcome! I was worried my first thanksgiving too, but by the time it rolled around I was so excited about trying all new recipes I didn't miss the turkey!  Vegweb will help keep you motivated, and we all will help you!



The holidays can be a pain, but sounds like you're committed and have a plan.  Like you, I made sure there were plenty of vegan side dishes for me to eat, which was easy since Christmas dinner was at my house.

Check out Gardien products....they make some good chicken breasts that you can use to create a chicken parm. 


Yes gardien products are really good. Why don't you try the boca chicken patties for the chicken parma and tofurky makes the best thanksgiving turkey. (Everyone ate it all up last year and said they liked it better than the real turkey. I live in FL too. Try out some recipes on here their really good and people on here are really nice. Good luck to all!!


Welcome I'm new too! I just joined today :) The holidays for me are really hard!! We had Easter at my moms house and my son worked very hard with me in the kitchen making Vegan Lasagna and Homemade Vegan Carrot Cake and a couple other dishes! Nobody would eat my food and I felt like crap! They all had to hound me why I was eating this way and my brothers new wife was the worst trying to come up with all reasons why Vegan was horrible! Now she wants me to go to her house for Thanksgiving cause they just bought their first house and I really would rather skip out!!! When I have people over for dinner or a holiday I do end up making some kind of meat for them but everything else is Vegan. I bet you'll find some great recipes on here for the holidays :)


Thats the same book that inspired my family too!!! Ever since I read it I could never think the same way about certain foods. I have been a vegan for 1 year (vegetarian for 1 year and a half), my mom has been one for 1 year, and my little brother has been vegetarian for 1 year (soon to be veg, hes slowly getting himself off milk and eggs)



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