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Words for the newb....

I have recently decided to cut meat and dairy out of my diet. My reasons vary, but my main reason is because of my health.
I am 20 years old and I am suffering from multiple stomach ulcers which have recently developed anima which has caused my stomach to bleed. I am scheduled for surgery at the end of August. I’m currently on antibiotics and going through vitamin treatments. For some reason it doesn’t seem to be getting any better and any food I eat makes me so sick especially meats, fried, and any other type of heavy food. I’m hoping this diet change will help and maybe I won’t have to go through surgery.
What I want to know from all of you is any type of tips on what I should make sure I have in my diet, maybe some produce someone like me probably hasn’t heard of, recipes, and any other type of input that might help.

I would greatly appreciate it.


Since you are under medical care, you probably need to talk this over with your surgeon.  Be prepared for the idea that you will get a lot of input that is not quite correct.  Doctors are not trained in nutrition, and by and large, they are not well informed as to a vegan diet.  It is going to be more productive to listen to the doctor's concerns than to argue because some doctors are well informed and at any rate, your doctor should be more familiar with your particular health concerns. Take their advice into consideration. I suspect you are on target with the giving up dairy because it is an irritant for a great many people.

If you have stomach bleeding, you are going to need to be careful of acidic foods which will irritate your stomach...tomatoes, citrus, fruit juices, which you have probably already been told.  Avoid all fried foods.  Because you have developed anemia you'll need to research on your own for iron-rich vegan foods such as dark leafy greens and lentils. 

My son who was an Angus Beef only guy and ate mostly this food, has recently converted to being a vegetarian and is looking at veganism.  He eats no dairy, but does have the occasional egg.  He has noted that one cannot simply give up meat and continue to live on potato chips and green salad because they would get very sick.  Research carefully.  This site has some excellent information which you can access from the yellow bar to the left on this page.  Read, read and read and go carefully.  Be educated so that you improve your health, and not make matters worse.


Thanks ladies...

And...thank you for the welcome...Im excited... ;)


Welcome Gallardo_Niki! I don't have any words of wisdom for you, but this is a wonderfull community here, I only joined a month ago and I have found everyone here incredible supportive! I'm sorry to hear about your health, hopfully we can at least take your mind off it for a little while! And don't forget to check out the recipe section, you will find tons of delicious stuff!


Read a lot...on the Net, especially here, or in good vegetarian-cooking books. There are good articles in the VW archives here, and lots of links. If you have time, go back through the Q and A pages and pull up the questions that speak to your situation...lots of newbies have asked for and gotten some very good advice.
This is a great place and we're so glad to have you!!
Welcome to VegWeb


Hi, Niki.  I hope I'm right in assuming that Niki is your first name.  Although it has kinda of gone into a slump currently, there's a Yahoo group that I founded called Transitioning to Vegetarianism that several other vegwebbers belong to also.  I would love for you to join us there, too.  I am *iin no way* suggesting that you should stop posting here also.  The group over there is dedicated to helping people transition to vegetarianism.  We try to collect resources and research questions that new veg*ns (shorthand for vegetarians & vegans both) have.  We also try to keep the potentially confusing aspects of vegan purity and animal activism over here and not talk about them there.

If you decide to join under another user name than what you use here, please mention in your application sentence(s) that you were invited from here.

I can give you the address of a very help article about making the transition:

The advice LadyDragonfly has given you is very good.  I wholly agree with her!

Good luck

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