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Vegetarian again!

Hi! my name is Jessica. I was a vegetarian for a little over a year in 2007-2008 but fell off and started eating meat again. I'm from the south so most people here are meat eaters, in fact I don't know anyone that is a vegetarian or vegan. I don't have any support so I believe that's why I went back to meat. Now I'm trying to be a happy and healthier me, I've been vegetarian for 4 days now!

Does anyone have advice on how to stay strong when you have no support in your decisions?

Well this website is a great place to start! You'll find plenty of support here! How come no one wants to be supportive?! I know it can be hard though, my parents still don't understand why I'm veg but they're not UN supportive, per say. What a bummer though, but good for you for jumping back into it!


Welcome back! I'm from a family of southerners, so I know how people can be so un-understanding of a diet without meat. (My parents, too, aren't UNsupportive, but don't quite include me).

Anyhow, you'll have a special challenge. Since you will, for a while, be the only vegetarian you know, it might be difficult to not begin being constantly angry or just give up! However, you never know when you might be able to make an impression on someone along the line. Stay strong and keep looking into the reasons you chose vegetarianism... That may help you keep it up.

Also, great food is another way for you to stay vegetarian and for you to spread the idea! Look on here for some recipes and share!


Thanks, I'm glad to be back into eating this way. I know why I've wanted to go veg, I always feel guilty eating meat knowing that lives were lost for me to eat it. I hate knowing that I was eating those poor innocent animals but I was raised on meat so I didn't know anything different. My mom isn't UNsupportive but she doesn't understand why.

I'm a little apprehensive about some foods but am willing to try new things at least once. I need to start looking through all the recipes!


woot woot! Welcome back!  :)

I'm in freakin' Arkansas, so definitely feel your pain... just don't actually care whether people get it or not, lol! There are things that I consider fundamentally wrong, and am NOT willing to support; and there are things I am NOT willing to put into my body. Interestingly, food issues involve both these concepts! No one has to approve or understand; I simply will do what I think is the best idea, and I will not even apologize afterwards. If people don't get it... shrug and carry on. Like people raised with racism or anti-Semitism, who can't see any other way, a lot of folks are really sure that a lot of food-based stuff that's wrong is perfectly ok. I can only choose for me; but i CAN choose for me, and so I shall! Not everyone will agree. So be it.

Find support where you can; ignore the rest; eat well & be happy! (Good luck with everything, and do ask for help or support as needed here on VW! Glad you're back!) :)


Vegweb is definitely great for online support. I noticed you live in Florida, and I know that there are a bunch of vegwebbers from FL so maybe you live near one of them (though I know it's a big state...)! I do recommend finding some kind of veg meetup group in your area though, even if you have to travel a little bit to attend a potluck/dinner/meeting/whatever. Just google your area + vegetarian group and hopefully there will be something. I loved being a part of a vegan organization and meeting like minded people in person, many of whom became great friends. If the people you already know aren't veg, seek out ones who are! Good luck!


honestly do YOU! be different, who the fuck cares? ya it's easy to follow the heard and be a sheepole (ya heli i stole your word) but it is so much more satisfying to question things and think for yourself... ya it can be hard but i find it so much more empowering! happiness is contagious... convert others :) i pass out copies of Skinny Bitch (have you read it?)


Welcome back!!

My advice is to seek your support here with us, because in real life you might not get.  There are no vegetarians in my life either, although after so long they are used it it and know they have to be supportive and they are.

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