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To Vegan or not to Vegan

Hi all!

I am a current a long time veggie and have been seriously contemplating going vegan, especially after seeing the documentary 'Forks over Knives' (awesome watch btw). 

Although I have to say I am hesitant as I currently live in China with my fiancé, we are english teachers and as hard as it is to be veggies here (the Chinese don't really understand the term 'I don't eat meat') I am hoping the turn to veganisim will be relatively care free ... Here's hoping anyway ... the only other thing I know that will be hard is giving up my cheese addiction!!! I love cheese, all kinds, so hopefully I will be able to find the necessary ingredients to make sheese or cheeze :) 


Okay well I will leave it at that. 


Looking forward to speaking with a few of you and learning as much as I can about this new meat and dairy free lifestyle!


Peace and happiness


For what it's worth, I hear in many Asian countries they'll "get it" if you say you're Buddhist :) I would assume nutritional yeast is hard to come by over there, but many vegan cheeze recipes use cashews or other nuts, so maybe that would be easier for you. Veganomicon also has an out-of-this-world recipe for tofu ricotta!


Good luck with your journey!


I am surprised to hear you say it would be difficult as a vegan in China since I have heard there are so many restaurants and shops that cater to Buddhists. I have friends who vacationed there recently and were amazed by how many fake meat options they had there, including eel and pork, not to mention beef and chicken. Most of them are made with wheat gluten.



Im thinking about it too and am also a cheese lover. I hope there are some good cheese substitutes out there.

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