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Vegan newborns saying hello!

Hello everyone!  My name is Chelsea and my boyfriend and I have been living vegan for a little over a month now.  We're doing it both for our own health and peace-of-mind, and also for a close friend who suffers from MS and has gone into remission and is off all medications purely by switching to a vegan-no-oil diet!  We're very excited to be part of this community, and hopefully you guys can give us some ideas on how to make some delicious food!  We're brand new to all of this, but loving it

Welcome!  You will find about every imaginable style of vegan food on here!  It's a great place to get started.  Good for you for making the switch, and how awesome that your boyfriend is joining you!  I have been trying to get my husband to go vegan for 19 months, but at least my Mom and sister are making the transition.  That's also interesting that your friend has gone into remission.  I have a friend with MS also, and my husband has not one but two immune disorders and the endless doctor and hospital visits have been wearing.  I can only get him to eat vegetables if I hide them in smoothies or thick soups.  What's your secret? (I can't get my husband to watch Earthlings either).


Well, for years I've been either vegan or vegetarian, but I never really commited to anything.  I would cook vegetarian recipes for my boyfriend every once in a while (he's from Wisconsin and at that point couldn't imagine a meal without cheese) and he finally admitted to enjoying them after MONTHS of trying haha.  We ended up watching a really great documentary called Forks Over Knives, which is championing a vegan diet, and backing up their stance with decades of well-documented scientific studies.  After watching that, we both decided to switch to veganism the next day...and we haven't looked back!


Hello people! In fact, I face the same problem, that I find it difficult to commit to anything.This is Andy and I am here to check some great vegan food recipes. The website looks awsome and gives you a great reason to switch to vegan food. Of course I will try switching to veganism and I am sure that the yummy recipes would make me drool!!

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