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vegan mamma!

Hey everyone! my name is Kerrie-i'm happy to have found a forum to get started with here on vegweg. i'm 26, married for 2 years with 2 boys. Camden is 3 and Garren is 6 month. My husband is a teacher. He grew up vegetarian based on being a Seventh Day Adventist. I did not, but still was vegetarian on my own accord for 16 years, and now have been a vegan family for almost 3 months. I love cars, video games, board games, playing with my boys, food network--i love food shows! iron chef, top chef, masterchef, chopped. totally wish i could do that! when getting to know people pics are always fun so i have 2 pics of my boys. the first is of Camden, Second is Garren. thanks for letting me chat on your forum!

Hi Kerrie!  Welcome.  Your boys are adorable.

I saw on your profile that you live in Minneapolis.  So do I!  :)


thanks! i love being a mom. my boys are great! where abouts in minneapolis? we are living in a suburb near Lake Minnetonka.


Such handsome boys!


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