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Vegan in eastern New Mexico

Hello everyone!

I am a vegan living in eastern New Mexico.

It's a place where cows outnumber humans ten to one.

There is not much of a selection out here as there is in places like Santa Fe or Albuquerque.

I generally have to adapt the menu of the local eating places to my diet or just don't eat.

In any case, I would like to hear how fellow vegans adapt to remote areas.

I am extremely partial to the strict vegetarian foods of Asia.

Any one have extremely simple vegan recipes?


Hi, wabibito!

I don't think there's much difference between rural and urban.  I'm in SoCal where there are a bunch of vegan restaurants.  I don't really like them.  It's a cool novelty to look at a menu where you can order anything, but once you get past that there are a lot of veggie burgers and other things that aren't exciting to order.  My favorite meals have been at omni places.

Do you have Donna Klein's Supermarket Vegan cookbook?


Nice to meet you. 

All the best!


Hi & welcome to VW! I'm in AR, living sorta half rural & half (what passes for) urban... I shop for plain old ingredients, just beans & lentils & peanut butter & pasta & rice & oatmeal & nuts & fresh/ frozen/ canned fruit & veg, & make stuff from that... I use a bread machine for loaf- & flat-bread, since a lotta common grocery stores don't carry vegan bread... the only 'specialty ingredients' I consider staples that I need to seek out from non-standard grocery stores are raw cashews, nutritional yeast, & vital wheat gluten, which (i've checked!...rural move pending!) can be ordered online without too much trouble... I do buy tofu, when it's available, but don't need it enough to make it myself when it's not easy to get... I've thought about just ordering large quantities of silken tofu to keep in the (more rural) pantry... the eggplant 'chips' and kale chips here are both really easy & good, and 'yummy lentils & spinach' is one of my perennial favorites, for taste & simplicity:

Glad you're here!



Can you get soymilk and tofu? I think as long as I could get those, I could do without all the other "special" ingredients.

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