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Saw Disturbing Video, 21 years meat eater, month into vegetarianism

Hey guys, I am very excited to find this site as I want to start cooking for my family and show them that veggie is the way to go. I have never felt better physically and mentally.

I converted because i saw a documentary called "Earthlings" and instantly changed my whole life style after witnessing this. Has anyone seen it? It affected me immensely. At least i know I am doing my part by not supporting these animal industries!

Slowly working to be a full vegan as well! Smile 

I have recently made the switch too! I love it so far. I am not perfect about following plant based diet, but  I am not eatting meat for sure. I ate meat my whole life- a few months ago I stopped and haven't looked back... I watched fork over knife and Food Inc, that was enough for me!

Good Luck!  Happy Veging!


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Fork over knives and Food Inc. are great videos...congrats on making your switch too! Isn't it great!!!

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