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Newly vegan

I became vegan about a month ago. I thought it would be difficult as I am a live-in nanny and cook for the kid and myself. I didn't always want to cook two totally different dishes, but so far it hasn't been a problem. I actually feel that everything other than food is more difficult. I am currently trying to find a good face moisturizer. I think I'll go to Lush this week and see if I can find a good one.

So anyway. Hi! Great to meet you all.

Welcome!!  Nice to meet you.

I know I'm a guy, but I do have dry skin and moisturize twice a day, especially this time of year.  For probably over a dozen years I've used Jason products, they are vegan.  Probably for the last 10 years I've stuck with their Vit. E facial moisterizer.  A little goes a long way.  One of these jars lasts me months and months.


Awesome, thanks! I'll definitely check it out.


I'm just jealous you live by a Lush store.


Ha, I know! Very lucky! I mean, you can order online, but I think actually GOING and SMELLING their stuff is half the fun.


. . . I am a live-in nanny and cook for the kid and myself. . .

Wow. That could be challenging. Do you fix the kid vegan dishes some of the time?
This is a great place for support.


Thanks, rswhitaker. Sometimes I do. Her mom always wants her to have meat for protein, but she doesn't really like meat! Both parents are vegetarian and the dad has been all his life, so they KNOW that she can get her protein elsewhere. Not sure why her mom always wants her to have meat... Doesn't make sense in my opinion.


Congrats and welcome to the forums! :)

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