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Newbie vegan


i'm a new vegan, finding it ok up to now even though I've just realised most of my favourite snacks are non vegan but i think i will cope. Trouble is i'm having a bit of a problem reading labels. Like the smoothie i had before says its for vegetarians but it doesn't mention vegan and there's only fruit in it! So dose it also mean for vegans when it says suitable for vegetarians cause on other labels it says both of them a few products. I need to get use to label reading for vegan food, i find it quite confusing sometimes.

Also do they sell vegan cheese at Hollard & Barret and unicorn(in UK)?

It takes time.  And don't beat yourself up over the little slip-ups.  It happens.  Learn from it and move on. 


Here's a list of common animal-derived ingredients to avoid:

(I don't know if they call this stuff by different names in UK)

And welcome to the site!!


Hi, you will get used to it, it just takes a little time.
Holland & Barrett in the UK do sell vegan cheese, have a look in the fridge at your local one.  Mine does tofutti and some cheese slice things as well as other dairy replacements.  I've even managed to feed tofutti to my omni, very dairy orientated housemate and she couldn't tell the difference from dairy philadelphia (and she eats that stuff by the tub!!)  H & B also do loads of other vegan stuff so just take a good look around the store.  I've got no idea about Unicorn as I've never heard of it but good luck.


You know, I don't know just how new to veganism you are, but you may want to put off vegan cheese for a while.  It can be kind of gross if you're still really used to the dairy stuff.


Thanks, the links look very usefull. I'll have to look out for these.

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