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Hi all. I have known about this site for awhile but just recently joined. I think it is awesome and I love getting to know others like myself. I have been vegetarian since 1998 and I am the only one in my family however my hubby is semi-vegetarian, he gave up pork and beef in May 2009 -- still some to work on. He is a big fan of chicken, any advice or suggestions? Funny, chicken is the FIRST thing I gave up. I do something to help animals/environment every day in some way -- check out my website  :)

all of the fake chicken products i have tried so far have been awesome, the boca chicken patties and morning star farms chicken strips come to mind

anyways welcome :)


Chicken nuggets are heavily processed and thus I don't think it's too hard to make a fake version of an already fake product.  Vegan chicken nuggets taste so similar to real chicken nuggets that  I bet he'll never know the difference. 


Thanks for the advice. We've been buying a lot of mock meats lately and he is okay with that at home but it's hard eating out.


Nice to meet you!  Best of luck in all you do!


hi welcome to the forum. i must tell you this is a very cool site for vegans like us. i learned a lot from here. i hope you will be able to enjoy your stay in here.  :D :D :D
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