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Hello Everyone, My name is Wendi and I am very new to being vegan... decided this 3 days ago!  I have been eating better for the past year, meaning organic and eating fresh foods.  The switch is because I want to live a healthier life and treat my body the right.  My hubby is on board and he is switching slowly.  I am SOOO happy I found this site, now I feel like I have the info I need to do this!  As for my family.... they will freak when they find out.  In fact I will see all of them at a huge BBQ on Sunday with about 500 other people from the small town I grew up in.  Should be interesting....  :D

Have a great day,

Welcome and good luck!


keep it up... don't worry about what ur family thinks this is the best way to live... this site will help... welcome :)


Hi Wendi...nice to meet you!  Welcome to VegWeb!

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