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new vegan

i'm in my first real vegan week. i feel a little wierd. any help for adjusting? my stomach feels strange. its just withdrawling/adapting, right?

Sounds strange....are you hungry or does your stomach hurt. Are you eating new
food or just cutting out meat/dairy. If your eating should feel fine.
I have never heard of physical 'withdrawling' from meat/dairy.


From the amazing book, The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell:
When going vegan - "In the first week, you may have some stomach upset as your digestive system adjusts.  This is natural; it is nothing to worry about and doesn't usually last long."




I sent  you a smile because I am a very new vegan, I've been one for almost a year and a half. Your just eatting an healthier Lifestyle now. Have you increased fiber into your diet, if so that will make your stomach fill full, so you need to drink more water. If you like to know more on I can tell you :)


I know I had some stomach upset (not bad) at first, but it was more due to me increasing my fiber intake.

I had never been much of a bean or whole grain eater, and wow!  Gas was a bit of a problem at first..hahaha!  My boyfriend and I started it together, and we both had quite a few laughs, "It wasn't me!  It was the dog!" (points at Dalmatian).

Within a week or two things were back to normal, no problems and felt better than I had in years!

I agree with the above poster, drink more plenty of fluids, keep full with whole grains, veggies, etc. 

I bought a few vegan cookbooks and that helped IMMENSELY in cooking balanced meals. "How It All Vegan" is a great book to help your transition!

Good luck!  :)

Martha Clark
Austin, TX

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