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New from Tucson


My name is Christina and I'm a 32 year old brand new vegan living in Arizona.

Because my family members are meat lovers, I'm finding this transition kind of difficult.  Its not so much changing my eating habits, its dealing with them and not really having their support.  So, I'm looking for friendship and support from those who have the same views.

well, you've come to the right place. i definitely started becoming a heavy user of this site for the vegan community!



Yep, you've definitely come to the right place. 

I know what you mean because I don't know many vegetarians, but I defnitely get lots of support here. 



Welcome!  I'm new here too.

I can understand the flak from family.  Although my daughter and fiance' are totally supportive, my mother will Alzheimers lives with me as well.
She can't understand (or remember) that I don't eat animal anything.  So daily....DAILY... I have to tell her, "No Mom, I don't eat chicken soup." and then explain yet again why. 

I think she finally understands that cows do not make milk for us. They make it for their babies. That freaked her out.

Family members outside my immediate household had never even heard the word 'vegan' before I changed my eating habits.

Welcome, and we'll share the frustrations and the support with you!


Thank you. 
My family and friends that I have told, just roll their eyes and then try to lecture me about how you shouldn't cut anything from your diet and how I shouldn't do this.  They don't understand that my conviction to do this is so strong.  It sickens me that I've been selfishly using animals to feed me and I finally understand that I never had that right.  And I'm going thru the "you're not eating 'this' (pick an item) either" stage.  I don't know how much clearer I could be - nothing coming from an animal - I said, the conviction's too strong to fold.


Lead by example my vegan friend!

After seeing your radiant health being vegan for a while, they will figure it out.  They may not let YOU know it, but hopefully they'll quiet down.

I've changed so many people's attitude just by quietly eating what I eat.  Most of the people I work with didn't even know I was vegetarian, until a couple of weeks ago.
I bring great stuff to potlucks and never mention it.  Everyone gobbles it down, asks for recipes, and never thinks twice about it.
Only when I mention that I dont' eat meat do I start hearing about it.    The less insecure people say "Wow! I had no idea!"

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"    Good luck!  ;)b


Welcome to VegWeb!
You'll definitely find the support You're seeking here. A lot of Us are or were in the same boat, with family members and loved ones being unsupportive and just not understanding... and it's great that You know where Your convictions lie and You're committed to sticking to them!

My boyfriend (a vegan) just moved back from Tucson, and he found the city to be very welcoming of the veg*n lifestyle. :)
Also, I see in Your profile that You attended the art institute! What kind of work do You do?
If You've not been there yet, I highly encourage You to check out Solar Culture Gallery. It's a very unique little space, and they're always accepting work from new artists.

You are definitely among friends here on VW, but making IRL connections is also important when You're making such a big life change. Of course You can't really "replace" Your current friends and family, but it'll be good for You to network and make new friends within the local veg*n community.

is a list of some places and events You may want to check out. My boy has a friend who works with the local Food Not Bombs program, and I know that's definitely worth looking into.

I hope You'll stick around and make Yourself at home here!


I'm a graphic designer and also do some web design work.  Thank you for the resources for me to check out.  I definitely need all the help and support I can get.


I'm a graphic designer and also do some web design work.  Thank you for the resources for me to check out.  I definitely need all the help and support I can get.

oh, neat! ...I'm actually majoring in graphic design, even though I prefer more of the hands-on media rather than computers...
And You're very welcome. ;)


I'm the opposite.....while I love hands on, I love working on the computer more....where are you going to school??

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