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New Subscriber NEEDS HELP with site

:-\   HELP
I recently joined and subscribed to VegFriends/VegWeb. Have sent a couple of emails to the "contact us" at bottom of page,  but have gotten no responses. Would appreciate if anyone could address a couple of issues...

1. Lots of folks have in their profiles a "Personals" section indicating they are seeking friends or penpals or relationship with a male and/or female, whatever. Those of you that have this in your profile, where did you find the option to put it in your profile? How can I add such to my profile. I find no option to do this on the "edit my profile" page.

2. I was under the impression when I paid $9.95 for a months membership, I would be able to see the email addresses in profiles (excluding those who chose to hide email), and myspace or other web site for the person, but even though I have an "active" subscription, when I look at profiles, it will say something like email address viewable by subscribers. As a subscriber, why isn't this info viewable by me?

3. I have a "VegFriends Subscription for Initiating Messages ." Shouldn't I be able to do what I have referenced in 1 and 2 with such a subscription?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Admin seems to have been on vacation or absent for the last month. No new recipes have been posted since 1 July, and the chatroom issues have not been resolved. Some VegWebbers have had problems with the search functions etc as well.

Admin is usually very prompt at adressing and responding to requests for help, so something is definitely going on. We can only hope things will be back to normal sometime soon.


2. Under "Account Settings," you can choose to hide your email address from the public, which includes paid subscribers. This is likely to avoid spammers from coming in and collecting addresses...but for those who don't hide the email address, it is viewable to subscribers. Also, if someone does not enter a myspace or personal website in that designated field, it will just show up to other people as "viewable to subscribers," even though there's nothing to view.

3. As a subscriber, you can send a personal message to any other member. Unpaid members cannot "initiate" messages, they can only send messages in reply to ones already "initiated."  That's my favorite feature of the paid subscription!  :)
You can send messages two ways: In a person's profile, at the bottom (under "additional information") there's a link saying "Send this member a personal message."
<------ You can also click on that little laptop-looking icon above a person's avatar (next to "offline" or "online", depending on their status).

as for odd, I can't seem to find the personals information fields on the profile edit page. That's where it should be, and that's where *I* remember entering that info. hm...Like Yabbit said, we've had a few glitches around here as of late, but I'm sure they'll get taken care of soon.


Thank you for reporting the problems. I apologize for these issues and the delay of this reply. There was an issue with the "Contact Us" form, but it has been fixed.

1) The fields for entering relationship info are now back on the "Edit VegFriends Profile" page at;sa=forumProfile near the bottom. 

2) The "viewable to subscribers" info is now fixed as well.

3) The main purpose of being a subscriber is being able to initiate messages to other users; however, I've issued you a refund as result of the inconveniences.

Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. You can email me directly at info AT vegweb DOT com (replacing the AT with @ and DOT with a period).

Best wishes,

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