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New to site, back on the veg bandwagon

Hi, all. I'm new to VegWeb and thought I should jump in and introduce myself. I'm Joey. I'm a 37-year-old butch dyke living in Portland, OR, US. I have a beautiful partner and 4 awesome kids, two of whom are vegetarian and one of whom is pescetarian. 

I went vegetarian in August 2008 after being an inveterate, unrestricted meat-eater for 35 years.  It's one of the best decisions I ever made for myself.  I've gone through some struggle with it in the past year, simply because I was a meat-eater for so long that I still miss certain things. (My omnivore partner is on a Popeye's spicy chicken kick right now and that's been difficult for me -- Popeye's chicken was my great fast food weakness before I went veg.)  My grandfather died in August and I regressed to eating meat for a month. I think this was mostly because there was *nothing* for me to eat when I went home for the funeral that didn't contain meat (I'm from Mississippi).  I could have dealt with it better and stuck to my guns, but I'm being gentle with myself about it because I was distraught and doing the best I could to deal with being a big ol' lesbian in Mississippi. :)  In some ways it was good for me -- I got to see the contrast between the way I used to eat and my chosen vegetarianism and, while I enjoyed revisiting some old favorites, I found myself increasingly turned off by the dead animals and kept choosing veggie meals anyway.

As of the beginning of this month, I'm back to my veggie ways and I feel so much better, physically and emotionally.  Meat really is just gross to me now... fish not as much, but I'm still not gonna eat it. :)  That dismembered, breaded bird corpse still smells good, but oh man... it's really just so nasty.

Anyway, hi!  Glad to meet everyone. :)

Hi!  Nice to meet you!!  I hear Portland has a lot of butch dyke vegetarians there.  Seriously I hear it's a Lesbian mecca and a veg-friendly place.   

Welcome back to the land of vegetarians!  My condolences about your grandfather.




I must admit, that dismembered bird corpse still sounds good to me too!


Tweety, yes, there are many veggie dykes here... it's fabulous. :)

Thanks for the welcome, all. :)


Hey joeydagger, you're gonna love it here! Also, the welcome crew at VegWeb is like, the best in the business. Just reading through all the welcome threads and wow, you all are just so awesome. I LOVE THIS SITE!

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