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Hello all,

I'm a vegetarian mother of 2 so I'm always looking for new veggie recipes. I am currently writing a blog about converting standard meat recipes into vegetarian recipes. My ultimate goal is to stop screwing up dishes when I try to convert them over & I had trouble finding info on the best meat substitutes to use for different circumstances. The biggest problem I've had is with fake chicken. I like Quorn's chicken, but imo it doesn't work well if the dish isn't saucy or creamy. Been wanting to try the Yves chicken strips. Does anyone have other suggestions?

Kristi (the veggie converter)

Hi! Welcome to VegWeb.
I've only been veg for 4 months so I can't help out much with suggestions.
My local asian shop sells mock chicken in a can. It's a little strange but I find it goes well on pizza or in apricot "chicken". Is the 'Fry's vegetarian' range available to you? (It's actually vegan!) Their mock chicken products are amazing.
Here's their site:


Hello! There are a bunch of 'un-critter' recipes here... I'm more of an open-the-pantry-see-what's-there-&-wing-it kinda chef, so... i don't have particular recommendations... Generally I'm happy with pressed/ marinated/ baked xt firm tofu, for unchicken dishes... 'Field Roast' seitan is good, too, chopped or sliced & marinated in Bragg's/ olive oil/ poultry seasoning/ whatever... For some things, breaded/ sauteed eggplant works better than feaux chicken, to me... just keep tinkering, & i bet you'll find something that works for what you need... Also, be sure to check out 'Kid Friendly' recipes and the 'Stroller Derby' forum, here: good ideas abound, for veg*n food that kids gobble up happily!

Anyhow... welcome to VW!  :)


Thanks for the suggestions. As for the fry's, I found a vague reference to it's availability in the U.S., but no specific info. Think it's in progress. And yeah, I love the baked tofu, but meat-eatin husband doesn't like it. If it's just me & the tiny ones, that's great. He likes the quorn stuff in everything saucy. Will have to try the seitan. Thanks!




I really like gardein fake meats. For chicken, try the chicken scallopini.


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I am Hari from USA. I am new in this community. This forum community looking very interesting to enjoy.
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