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New, scared & angry!

For my final project in my master's program, I chose "Animal Rights & Social Justice".  Well, I had NO idea how this decision would change my entire life.  In research, I came upon the documentary 'Earthlings".  After having to stop many times, and shedding many tears, I finished watching.  There is no way, I will ever be able to eat ANY animal products EVER.  I am so upset and cannot get these images out of my head.  Every moment of my day is consumed with worry over the needless torture of animals.

Although I am determined to do this, I am a little overwhelmed at the moment.  I suppose it will be easier as I discover food and recipes..  I also do not want to buy any product that has been tested on animals.  Can someone please give me some direction and support?  Unfortunately, I live in a very small town, and many items are not available. 

Thanks in advance for any help.

I completely understand what you mean about being angry and overwhelmed. I would recommend a cookbook called Supermarket Vegan by Donna Klein. It is available on Amazon for very cheap. It offers lots of delicious vegan meals using only ingredients that can be purchased at major supermarkets. It doesn't use unfamiliar or expensive ingredients so it's a good "starter cookbook". I would also recommend the website The recipes on this are super easy and good for someone new to vegan cooking. Their avocado reuben is amazing. The way I have dealt with my own anger about the widespread and horrendous treatment of animals is to seek out positive experiences with animals that counteract the anger I feel and that give me a sense of making a difference. For example: volunteering at an animal shelter, visiting a farm animal sanctuary, volunteering for an animal rights organization. I have even decided to do a PhD in Animal Studies to help teach others about our treatment of animals and to study how to create change. When I feel filled with anger at the way humans treat animals, I remember that by channeling my anger into creating positive change, I am doing much more for animals that just remaining angry. Even by doing your final project on this subject, you are helping animals. Hope this helps.


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