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New to Lacto-Ovo

Hey there,

I've just recently cut meat out of my diet. My reasons are more-or-less health related as I've been looking closer at the foods I was eating and realizing how much of it was processed and in general, bad for my health. Ultimately I have a goal of becoming vegan, but to make sure I don't lose motivation with it I'm opting not to cut everything out cold turkey.

Anywho I've been browsing here off and on since 2007. So it's finally nice to be making posts.

good luck and welcome!




Welcome! I'm in the same boat as you, started out slowly with just giving up meat. I've now moved on to milk and eggs. The only thing we're stuck on is cheese  >:D


Welcome! Dietary changes can be a (delightfully) slippery slope; once you start thinking about food issues, and experimenting with new yummy veg food, one thing tends to lead to another in a very positive way!

If you ever have questions or anything, the VW community is great for bouncing ideas off of, or offering support & encouragement... glad you're here!



All the best!


I am in the same boat as you but i have cut everything out cold turkey maybe a good thing mayube a bad thing i hope for me a good think since i have gotten overweight and had some health problems luckly some of my health problems seem to be going away ;)b

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