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First off, I love this site......I found it because of the recipes.  My husband and 3 children (who are not vegetarian) love most of the things I have made from recipes found on this site.

I have been a "vegetarian" on and off for many years.  I do still cook some meats / eggs for my kids because I feel that they should make that choice on their own when old enough (My kids are 6, 3, 1 respectively).

Over the past year I have eliminated all meat and egg sources.  I do eat some dairy.....mostly low fat cheese, yogurt, and  some dressings with "milk". 
I find myself having a HARD time with the sweets.  My biggest weakness.

In any case, I registered here because I could use a little motivation and help with my dietary issues.  I would love to gain the will power to go back to eating a strict vegetarian diet.
I lack self control, especially when it comes to giving in to cravings.

Glad to be here and look forward to posting with everyone soon.


Like yourself, my wife and 2 kids are omnis. I do all the cooking. For years I was vegetarian. In 2010 I went vegan. Since I'm the cook they get served vegan meals now. My daughter, who was an ice cream addict now eats soy ice "cream" and is perfectly content with it. If you want to convert an ice cream addict just keep Tofutti Cuties in the freezer. My son craved an egg the other day and actually felt sick after eating it (small victory).

I used to eat too much cheese. I don't crave sweets at all though. :)


Dr. Bernard wrote a good book called "Breaking the Food Addiction" in which he presents research that sweets, and animal products like cheese are actually "addicting".  Check it out.

I used to have a weakness for sweets, especially around the holidays and at work.  The techs even make cookies for the patients where I work, but the staff nibbles on them too.  

My saving grace now is that I went vegan in September for a "30-day challenge" just to see if I can do it.  I stuck with it and now it's nice passing up the cookies and sweets "because I'm vegan".  Makes breaking the cravings much better.  Of course, I don't deprive myself and I do eat vegan cookies and other junk foods every now and then.

Good luck and welcome.

Many parents do the opposite, meaning they feed their kids vegetarian but allow them the choice to become omni when the time arrives.  Afterall, you choose what your kids eat, i.e. you don't let them eat junk 100% of the time, you make the choice and force them to eat certain things that you put in front of them.  But that's a whole other issue, and your choice how you raise your kids, but just food for thought.  Right now it's enough to work on yourself.


Welcome!! My boyfriend was still vegetarian when I went vegan, and we had a deal. I told him he could eat and drink all the dairy and eggs he wanted, but I refused to buy them when I was grocery shopping. So, if he wanted them, he had to buy them and cook them himself. Well, since he doesn't cook and hasn't really every cooked, this sort of sealed the deal. He still bought milk for about 8 months, but he also got tired of that. Soooo, he's now vegan (I think out of laziness!).

Good luck with your journey. I also love the sweets, but I tell myself I eat pretty healthy, so some treats every now and then are a good thing!



I think I will check out that book.

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