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New to being lacto-ovo

Hi.  I'm just starting out by giving up meat after 30 years.  Right now I can't imagine giving up milk and eggs, but maybe someday.  Looks like I'll find lots of help on what to eat here.


Welcome! I started out just like you did, gave up meat only first. It was tough in the beginning, especially eating out but you just have to be strong and not give in. Next we gave up eggs and milk and switched to soy and rice milk instead. Now we're still working on the cheese, but this site is a great tool, there are sooo many great recipes and helpful tips. Not to mention the great support from everyone!  ;)b


Welcome! I hope the transition is easy for you and that you can come to enjoy the.. joys of being a vegetarian! It's a good thing you found vegweb; I was a mighty pathetic vegetarian before I found this site.

Now, I'm a semi-pathetic vegan, lol. :-D


Nice to meet you!  Welcome!


Hi! Changing habits is always a gutsy move... kudos! And so much of taste IS habit-- once you play with veg cooking a while, you'll find yourself craving lentil curry or buffalo tempeh or (omg! yum!) kale chips, instead of the old stuff. For me, one thing led naturally to the next; went pescatarian first, then dairy free pescatarian, then ovo-veg, then plants-only; the more you play with vegan cooking and explore new tastes & foods, the easier an tastier plant-only-eating gets. I also recommend seeking out books or video about why people choose veg eating... 'Eating Animals' (Jonathan Safran Foer) and 'Diet for a New America' (John Robbins) are probably my favorites... the more you know about the other stuff, the less it looks like food! :-P

Have fun with new foods & habits! Ask for help anytime, if you have any cooking or nutrition or (fill in the blank) questions, about anything at all related to veg eating/ cooking/ living-- we like to talk!  :)

Welcome to VW!

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