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Namaste from a new noob!

Hello all!
I've been lurking in the bushes like so many others and decided its time to come on in and introduce myself!
I'm Lisa aka Aarohee. I'm, as of this Saturday, a 25yr old who is a SAHM to a beautiful talkative 2yr old girl. I've been dabbling in vegetarian for a little over a month. I say dabbling cause my hubby is a hardcore carnivore who is not so accepting my change. The same with the rest of my family. So i guess i can consider myself an "undercover veggie". lol. Its just hard to get it out there without the "its a phase" or "that'll last a week" comments. Ugh!

I do have a question though.
Since i made the "switch", my skin has gone from its usual not so great to HORRIFIC. More pimples then ever and huge ones at that. Is this normal? Is there any way to get around this?
If i eat meat (cause of my family or hubby insistence), my skin clears up and goes back to its normal self. WTF?!

Anyway, I'm happy to have found this site. I love the recipes and articles. Hopefully i can make some friends that can help me make my vegetarian stance more stronger so i can finally come out loud and proud.

Much Meta  :)>>>

your skin is probably trying to rid itself of all the toxins and bad stuff in meat, dairy and packaged foods.  Give it some time, and hopefully it will clear up.


Namaste Aarohee!!

I noticed you mentioned "vegetarian" and not "vegan" - is that an accurate conclusion? I ask because if you're vegetarian (... consuming dairy, eggs) - that can have a big impact. 

It goes w/o saying that each person will vary due to their own s body reaction differently to different substances.  Speaking for myself, i have noticed w/o doubt that consumption of dairy can make me break out.  Here's another weird thing and i'm not sure if i'm imagining this but i think i'm correct - i notice that when i consume citrus fruits - my skin has a tendency to be very clear - i wonder if the acid doesn't have something to do with that?

my guess is that when you eat more meat - you're maybe consuming less dairy... and vice versa - when you give up meat - you're subsequently adding more dairy?

regardless, there's probably something specific that's causing your flare-ups and you might need some good old fashioned trial and error to narrow down the guilty culprits.

once you get the flare-ups, there's a product i used to use - it worked wonders.  it used to be strictly "prescribed" but i think you can get it over the counter now, panoxl...

good luck!


Hi Aarohee and welcome to vegweb!  Similar to SirDiddy, dairy had a huge impact on my skin.  When I was transitioning from vegetarian to vegan, I noticed that when I would eat cheese, in the next day or two my face would look just like the pizza I had eaten!  I don't know much about your diet and/or tastes, but the more greens I eat, the clearer my skin is.  I usually drink a kale smoothie every morning and have kale or collards with dinner, and sometimes with lunch too (I go overboard, but I loves my greens!).  Anyway, that's helped my skin a lot!  Good luck with your new lifestyle!  Keep making the yummy recipes from this and I'm willing to bet that soon your carnivorous husband won't care that he's eating vegan food. 


Namaste Aarohee!!

I noticed you mentioned "vegetarian" and not "vegan" - is that an accurate conclusion? I ask because if you're vegetarian (... consuming dairy, eggs) - that can have a big impact. 

I am indeed vegetarian only cause i still consume cheese and other small dairy things. I however don't drink milk at all...only soy milk (I LOVE soy milk).
Vegan is to "hardcore" for me at the moment. I've been easing my way into this lifestyle to just get the "hang of it". But its something i fully attend on becoming 100% (for personal and religious reasons). Maybe all out vegan but pretty dang close.

I thank you all very much for the insight!!! I kinda thought it was my body going into freak mode do to the lack of meat. Glad to hear it might be my dairy consumption that can cause it. And that its normal.

Once again thanks!  :)>>>


Welcome!  Best of luck! 

I just read that Woody Harrelson acne cleared up when he gave up dairy.  Go figure.

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