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I'm new!

Hello everybody! I'm new to this website. I just discovered it and joined today. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and getting to know everybody!

Anyway, I'm Kay! I'm 26 and I live in Canada. I'm a full time student and I live with my wonderful boyfriend. I was a vegan by default (due to being lactose intolerant and having a huge dislike of eggs) from 19-23 then began eating meat again. I recently decided to become vegan again because I honestly cannot stand what so many innocent animals are subjected to on a daily basis and I felt like I needed to do something.

I have a tumblr: and a twitter: and I welcome everyone and anyone to follow me on either or both of those sites. Just let me know you did and what your username is so I can follow you back!

I'm excited to try some of the vegan recipes on this website. I love food (especially thai, indian, chinese, and lebanese!) and I love cooking and some of the recipes look absolutely delicious!

Hi Kay! So happy you're here, your Tumblr is AWESOME!

Have fun on VegWeb, we've got some amazing recipes and a fabulous community—enjoy!

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