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Holla from Massachusetts!

I've been a lurker on here for over half a year now, so I thought I'd finally make a post on here.

I'm a 23 year old married student, currently going to school for Dental Hygiene. I will be entering my final year next fall and I'm way excited about that!

Originally I decided to go vegetarian a long time ago. My parents fought me every step of the way, for some reason it just didn't seem normal to them, oh well. When I finally moved out at 21 and learned I actually had freedom to choose what I want to do with my life (what a wonderful thing), I finally last May made the decision to make a change in my diet. That May I went vegetarian and then in June I decided to go vegan.

I decided to go vegetarian because every time I ate meat or meat products I would have IBS symptoms of constipation for days and I always felt nauseated and ill... eww. I am also lactose n' tollerant, and figured the best thing would be to just cut every animal product out of my diet and see if it made a difference in how I feel. I still eat honey if it is in a food, but because it doesn't bother my stomach.

So my changes were mainly made for health reasons. I must say I feel a thousand times better! It started off as a month trial, and now I'm going for a year. Who knows it may just be permanent.

My challenges have been the fact that I live with an omnivore husband, and I still get bad cravings for things like fish, pineapple pizza, and cheese cake. Most meat and meat products make me think about puking, so I don't think I would ever go back to eating it. I also really hate most fake meats, most fake cheeses, and only occasionally I tolerate tofu (it depends on the firmness and how it's prepared)- which makes for fewer selections.   

Thanks for taking the time to share.  Good luck in school and in everything you do!

I pretty much hate all fake cheeses and tolerate fake meats when I'm in a rush. 


I also have IBS, and I quit eating dairy because I suspected I was also lactose intolerant. This led to becoming vegan, so I can find the silver lining in all the issues. Do you medicate your IBS or control it through diet and lifestyle changes?




Welcome! There are so many delicious recipes on VegWeb for hearty meals that make easy replacements for meat and dairy. Have fun and let me know if you need anything!


Do you medicate your IBS or control it through diet and lifestyle changes?

I don't medicate. I try to use as little medication as possible. I just modify my diet, hence the going vegan. It seems to have worked for the most part.



I was originally diagnosed with IBS, but it turned out that I was gluten intolerant. Have you ever been tested against gluten?


I am from MA too where are you located?? I am debating the fake meat thing. I however LOVE tofu ( I can even eat it raw...which is strange i know). Have you tried Tempeh?? I love it!!!! It is great for grilling. Good luck on your journey


Hello I live in MA as well  ;)b

I'm lactose-intolerant as well.I mostly stick to almond milk, walnut milk and soy milk.
(Walnut milk is my favorite and very cheap to make btw).

I am not a vegetarian myself but I do enjoy seitan on occasion. Have you heard of that? It's a meat analogue derived from wheat(wheat gluten).  Many dishes that call for ANY type of meat can be subbed with that. It's delicious.

I found some recipes here that I personally tried and liked;  <----Sweet and Sour Seitan <----How to make instant Seitan


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