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Hi new here from Alberta, Canada

I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago as having diabetes so have been really watching my carbs and trying to lose weight as I am not on meds yet and just a diet/ exercise change. I bought a great book the other night called Reversing Diabetes (  " and it says if I switch to being a vegan for 3 weeks my blood sugars should drop drastically so I am gunh ho for this and who knows after 3 weeks may feel so good that I decide to not go back to eating meat etc. So where do I start here? I went and bought oatmeal today for breakfast and am also supposed to be eating very low fat....this may be hard but I KNOW I CAN DO IT! So any advice or meal suggestions would be much appreciated thanks so much! :)

Welcome to VegWeb! 

Dr. Barnard gives good advice. 

Sprinkle cinnamon on your oatmeal and other foods, it has been shown to keep foods from spiking your blood sugar too high. 

I'm confident that you will love the vegan diet! 


Hi & welcome,

I found Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Furhman very useful when going vegan.



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