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Hi, I'm a newbie :-)

Hey there!

I'm Brandi, 30-something wife and rescued doggie mama.  I live in Grapevine, TX, which is a suburb of dallas.  I tried being vegetarian in college and it lasted about six months. I think my motivation wasn't quite in the right place.

Now, I've been a vegetarian about 6 months and I am gradually adding more vegan meals and choices into my diet.  I have found my motivation...I want my life to be in line with my beliefs.

more random facts about me:

1. I met my husband in a bar

2. I currently have three adopted dogs-Donnelly, Keely and Zeus and we are also fostering a fourth dog-Layla.  The chaos in our house is unreal.

3.  I am getting in my certification as a yoga teacher.

4. I love olives.

5. I make the best guacamole ever.  It's been scientifically proven. ;-)

I look forward to meeting everyone!  :)>>>

You sound awesome!  Nice to meet you!!


Welcome to vegweb  :)


Hi Brandi!

I met MY hubby waiting tables in a bar/ restaurant, and am a chronically afflicted pet-rescue-mama: we also have four (formerly highway-hound stray) dogs plus one bossy cat, and (undoubtedly) similar amounts of dog-hair clogging up the vacuum! lol, we're practically twinkies.


Very nice to meet you-- & welcome to VW!


Hi Brandi,welcome!  Always good to have another "chronically afflicted pet-rescue-mama"(as HCM so aptly put it) around.  Incidentally, I met my husband in a laundromat, which is odd only because I spent WAY more time in bars at that time than doing laundry.  :)
Nice to meet you, see you around the boards!



 I'm new too. I've been vegetarian since March '09 and over these past months have found substitutes for my cheese and dairy and have now been dietarily vegan for 2 months. Over these last 10 months, I've slowly begun to replace the products I use (soap, shampoo, clothes, etc) with vegan products but it will take me some time to figure this all out. I'm really excited! Unfortunately, I have little support at home with my new lifestyle. My husband and mom think I've lost my marbles and one co-worker seems offended by my lifestyle simply because it's driven by ethics rather than health reasons. So, it's really great to find this site and know that there are other people who are compassionate in their love of animals.  :)>>>

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