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hi, I am beth and very new to being a vegan

I was a vegetarian for several years and started eating meat again when I realized I wasn't done having babies. It's been 5 years and two kids later I decided to go vegan. I am soooo sick of greasy, nasty meat. The problem I am having now is, I don't think I am done having babies and I really dont want to go back to eating meat again. Can you be a vegan and have a healthy pregnancy?? I only hear negative comments,no one around here supports me being vegan, I am really scared that if I stay vegan and get pregnant then something may happen to the baby or the pregnancy  :'( I would love some advice and support.

thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I am very thankful I have found this website  :)>>>


no need to worry... follow the links i gave on your other post, same general topic


I think you will find a lot of vegan mamas on here who had very successful pregnancies and healthy children.  I have been vegan for six years and I had a healthy pregnancy.  My baby was born on March 1st, one day before his due date, weighed 7lb 7oz and he has made all his benchmarks, both physical and mental, on time or early.  You may have to be a bit more diligent during your pregnancy to make sure you get enough protein, but if you're taking a good prenatal and maintaining a healthy diet you really don't need to worry about it too much.

If amymylove already posted some good links, follow them and do some more research.  There is also a thread on here somewhere with birth stories, so you may check that out and reassure yourself that vegan women have healthy babies all the time.

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