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Hi everyone!

I'm a new member of vegweb, but I've lurked for months until I finally became brave enough to get an account!! :D
I just wanted to say hi and ask one teensy tinsy little question!
One of my friends is coming to visit this weekend and I'm making him dinner--he's never had anything vegan before and I want to blow him away! I don't have a blender so I can't make any sort of soup or alfredo sauce which was my original plan :/ What do you guys suggest?
Thank you so much ahead of time~~~~  :D

Hello from one newbie to another!  :)

I made a rosemary and potato pizza last night using the base recipe here >> and it was divine!

You could make the bases and then have all different toppings in little bowls and make your own pizzas - I do that with friends and we always have heaps of fun making crazy toppings etc.  :P

I haven't tried many recipes here yet so I'm sure someone will be along soon with more suggestions tho! I hope whatever you end up making is a big hit!



aww yay thank you!!! that looks soooo good!  ;D definitely going to try this but i don't know if i can wait for him to come before i make it haha  ;)


mmhmm  cake  :> i can't wait to try everything out!! thank you for your suggestions! i think i'm gonna make him some pizza, cake and roasted veggies that my mommy always makes :) haha i kinda feel selfish because i want to just make it all now and have him eat my leftovers  >:D


I like to make chili con queso with a vegan nutritional yeast sauce and a can of vegan chili with TVP. No one ever knows it's vegan til I tell them.


oohhh i think i'm going to do this for game day!!!  ;D

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