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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would pop in and introduce myself. I've been vegetarian 8 years and I'm just turning vegan now. My fiance has been vegetarian all his life and vegan for the last 2 years and because of that I'd already stopped drinking milk, using butter etc in cooking but hadn't been able to give up cheese.  :P Now I'm ready to give it up all together and join him in happy vegan land!  ;D

Looking forward to meeting and chatting to you all here and sharing food ideas.  ;)b

- Bella

Way to go Bella, cheese was hard for me at first too, but after a fewmonths cold turkey I stopped missing it.  Avocado in sandwhiches has a buttery taste kinda like cheese, so you could try that....I wouldn't try too many fake cheeses though, I have yet to find one I like, and they are expensive!  I make lots of cashew /nut cheeses and nutritional yeast cheese sauces, but the nut. yeast ones are probably more of an 'acquired' taste.


Hi babysgotsauce!

Thanks for the reply! Nut cheeses sound very interesting - do you have any recipes to try?


Welcome to VegWeb....I hope you find this site helpful.  Nice to meet you. 



I thought cheese was going to be part of my diet forever, and then I became friends with nutritional yeast, and decided to go hardcore cheese free for 30 days, and after a month, i found that while real cheese still tasted "okay" There was something "off" about it, and it didn't taste like i remembered.  It just seemed not worth all the fuss anymore.  I was like... "I used to spend at least $4 for this?!?!? that could buy me some rice cream!...or 2 bags of rice and 2 bags of beans!!!" Ain't had no cheddah since =-p  lol been....going on 3 months now.


It's nice to hear other had cheese addictions and managed to kick them!  ;)b << I'm very keen to try this one - I will give it a go this weekend.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!  :)>>>


Cashew cheeses are my favorite!  I have that vegetarian times mag with some good ones in it.  Also,, on Everyday dish has a yummy artichoke dip using cashews!!! its super good!


its frickin good!!!

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