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Hi all!

My name is Suzy and I'm an alcoholic.
Oh sorry... wrong forum.  ;)

Isn't it great to see so many new veggies?  It gives me hope and I know I'm not alone, even when it feels like I am. 

I'm a new vegan, kinda old vegetarian.

I'm a California native hoping to move somewhere's close to the beach in the next year. 
My family founded a non-profit dog rescue for dogs with special needs. Those dogs are just one of the reasons why I went veg.
My daughter volunteers are a farm animal sanctuary as well.  When I saw the pigs 'sit' and 'rollover' on command, I couldn't keep the blindfold on any longer.
I have since read every book I can get my hands on about vegetarians, vegans, vegetarian politics, envirnomental studies, health studies, etc.
No way I could ever turn back.  But I gotta say, I'm having a helluva time kicking cheese. 

mmmmm...cheeeese...  I'm living on Daiya shreds these days.

I'm hoping to meet some great vegetarians with a great outlook on life to share your wisdom and friendship.


I was the biggest cheese addict ever!  You can do it.


Nice to meet you Suzy....I wish we had Daiya cheese here..............Welcome!


Hi Suzy!

Your family founded a dog rescue? That's like, the coolest thing I've heard in a LONG time. I also live for daiya. I have been known to put it on general tso's chicken!

Have fun on VegWeb and let me know if you have any questions or need anything! Except more daiya, I am hoarding mine!



Ohh I so know what you mean about the cheese!! I love cheese and so does my daughter But i recently just converted to being a vegan my daughter walks around the house eating those damn cheese cubes haha she is only 3 1/2 I don't know if she would be happy but we will have to try our other options!! Good Luck!


I used to love cheese, but was able to break the habit.
Daiya is good, you should check out The Uncheese Cookbook,  its totally dedicated to cheese-like recipes, yummy!

Thats so cute about the pigs sitting and rolling over on command.  I used to love seeing the wild-pigs in Kauai, they are not that tame, but super cute, (hairy and warthoggy!!!)

Good luck on your vegan journey!

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