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Hey what's up

Hey I'm nalem. I became an ovo-lacto vegetarian back in April and just turned vegan this passing week. (This is day 7 for me. I'm doin' alright! :) )

It feels good so far! I've been addicted to cooking all kinds of good stuff! :D Also, my asthma's stopped acting up, my face's cleared, I stopped getting massive stomach aches, but for some reason meat smells rancid every time people cook it around me. It's horrific how bad it smells! :C

Anyway enough about me, how about yoooou? <3

HI...I am new here as well and new as a vegan too, been 6 weeks for me.  Anyways, the smell of meat does get me too!  And at work we can eat at our desks, why do I have the seat next to the girl that eats chicken all the time?  She says my salad stinks, she has no idea how that chicken smells to me, but maybe she will! :D


Nice to meet you.  All the best on your new vegan journey....welcome to VegWeb!

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