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Hello *Waves*

Hello! I'm Erin, I live in Alabama with my husband and lots of cats. I have been using this website off and on for years as a carnivor, but now that I'm vegan I'm on here almost every day.

I am a cook/chef and I currently work in an Italian restaurant. I'm hoping when we move to L.A. that I'll find an awesome vegetarian/vegan restaurant to work for and then I can tell you guys all about it!

Anyway, nice to meet you all and hope to see you around  :)

Hi, & welcome! be sure to check out the 'Animal House' forum threads... there's a lot of us beastie here!  :)

L.A. will undoubtedly be WAY more veg friendly than Alabama... I'm in AR, and pine for the west coast each time we look for a restaurant, lol... the bible belt is pretty tight & pinchy, imo, re food culture!

Anyhow...glad to meetcha!  :)


Nice to meet you!  Thanks for making the introduction!  All the best in your move!


Hi Erin! Welcome! You're gonna freak out in LA, so much amazing vegan food! You have to keep us updated as to where you get a job because I know many of us will be dropping by. Not in a creepy way, I promise!


Welcome.  Hope you find an awesome job in LA.

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