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Hello! Newbie trying to make it work!

Hello there! 

I am new and have been trying to make the vegan/vegetarian transistion for many years.  I've been having health issues that I know for a fact are related to my poor diet choices. 

I'm so glad to have found this site! 

Yay! so glad to see you here! welcome! If there's anything we can do to make the transition easier, just shout for help... diet plays such an enormous role in health, and I'm so glad you're taking charge of the things you can do to be well. The initial change of habit is the hardest part-- it gets much easier much faster as new habits are set. Please don't hesitiate to ask for help with new or unfamiliar foods, or anything at all... welcome!



Welcome!  That's great that you are wanting to take control of your health by changing your diet, you will be amazed at the difference it makes!  Don't be afaid to experiment and try new things!  There's lots of great recipes here too!

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