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Hello! I'm a Newbie!

:waassup: My name is Farrah.. I am a wife to my best friend and a mother of 2 great kids. I live in NC and work full-time as a dispatcher/office assistant. I have went vegetarian off and on over the past few years and have recently decided to go back. i don't really like meat that much and my ultimate goal is to become Vegan. I don't eat alot of dairy or eggs as it is so it shouldn't be that hard. MY daughter, who is 12 has decided that she also wants to be a vegetarian. She never really liked meat that much either and she absolutely loves animals..she has dreams of being a veterinarian. Hubby and son on the other hand are hardcore meat and potato guys and they will probably never go vegan/vegetarian. My hope is that they will start to eat healthier and add different foods to their diet, they are both very picky about food.

I look forward to talking w/ all of you and learning from you on this journey to a better me and a better life!

Hi, Farrah!  There are a lot of recipes here to help everyone in the family eat more healthily, even if they're omnis.  They might even like it!


Hi Farrah!  You will find lots of helpful information on this site!  I know what you are going through!  My husband and two teenage boys will only try a very few things and I still have to cook meat for them.  But I am enjoying trying new recipes from several vegan cookbooks and this has been fun!


Nice to meet you!!! Welcome!


Hi farah, I'm Duane, nice to meet you too. I'm new here and want to make friends with all members of this forum


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Hello guys  :)

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