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Hello from Derbyshre

Hi everyone,

First time posting and already I need some help!  If I hover over the recipe tab, "Vegan Food & Cooking Forum" shows up, but when I click it, I can't access it as I get a message that says it's been blocked from me.  Do you know how I get in?  Thanks.

In the meantime I'm a new vegan, almost a month, I have three kids and two ctas and love vegan food!!!! xxx

Hi!  Anotherr UK vegan here!  Woo hoo!  Welcome to vegweb.

I think the link you're on about is an old link from before vegweb becae afiliated ith vegnews.  Looks like you've already found your way to the forums by posting this.
The other way to access the forums is just to click on the tab along from recipes - 'forums'.  Then voila, there you are in the forums.


HI!  Thanks for that - I thought I was being closed out of "special" vegan forum! lol... Well I'll go and look around for dinner ideas now then! lol ;)b


Welcome to VegWeb!!!  Nice to meet you!


hi & welcome from another member on this side of the pond! I'm an American living in Holland.

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