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Hello from Dallas!

I've been lurking around on Vegweb for a couple of months now and decided I should say hi.  HI!!  :howdy:

I went veggie in September after reading Skinny Bitch and the China Study.  I'm not vegan just yet, but working on it.  While trying to cut down on the amount of dairy I eat, I found out I was allergic to it.  Now I'm no longer dependent on claritin to function anymore, yay!  I also found out how much more variety there is to being veggie.  I have been going crazy cooking all these new recipes.  I'm gonna have to stop cause my freezer is getting full and my house needs to be cleaned, lol.

I'm currently in the middle of a much needed divorce.  I'm so happy right now its incredible.  Fortunately its mutual so things are going fairly smoothly.  Anyone know a good mediator/lawyer in the Dallas area?  I just want to make sure we're doing all the paperwork and the transfer of the house right.

I am currently taking care of 3 cats (Miss Kitty, Bo and Jupiter) and a 85lb great dane mix (Sage).  My soon to be ex. will take the cats and I get to keep the dog, woot!

Anyways, nice to meet all of you!  Cya around!

Wow, you must be my veggie-twin! Lol. I've been vegetarian 2 years, found out about the dairy stuff, and am slowly giving it up. I tried to go cold "turkey", but it's not working; so I have to ween myself off of it and I actually am allergic as well (it made me pretty ill in the past). I don't know any good divorce lawyers, I'm sorry! But I'm also in the DFW area. Do you know where Carrollton is :)


Hey!  Yeah I know where Carrollton is.  I don't work far from there.  There's also a nice Asian market there too.  You know where Garland is?  Kinda opposite side of Dallas, lol.  yeah the dairy stuff is hard.  Its not too bad at home, but I refuse to throw stuff out, so I'm either eating it or giving it away.  But if you go out to eat, dairy is in everything. Esp. the sweet stuff, which is my downfall, lol.  I am going to try out the ice cream recipes here cause thats my fav!  And dairy free ice cream is pricey  :-\  .


welcome!  I like your hat!


if you want to make the best dairy free ice cream use coconut milk as a base! and welcome!


Nice to meet you.  Good luck with everything.



Yeah, I know where Garland is. My biological father and my siblings live out there! You are going a FAR way for work if it's here. lol. I understand things being expensive, but I started thinking about it and some NON-vegan food is just as expensive! If you really think about it. Asian market, are you talking about H-Mart? Definitely try some of the recipes here!!! I've made fake chicken fried steak from one of the recipes here and now it's become a regular meal! :) There are some excellent cooks here :)!!


Hi purpledogtails! Welcome!

I definitely agree with Hespedal about a coconut milk base for vegan ice cream! And your critters sound awesome...I totally want to rescue a Great Dane one day, they are the coolest!

It sounds like VegWeb is a great match for you, we've got the best recipes and chat forums on the internet. Um, I'm not very modest but it's true!

Have fun and let me know if I can ever be of any help!!

WebMistress Laura

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