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Hello All!

I've been perusing VegWeb for a long time, consulting forums and recipes nearly daily. I've recently joined because of the many times I've had questions that I could have easily posted here if I would have signed up.

I'm 21 and getting ready to go back to school this fall. I bike or walk everywhere. With no kids and a dog named Zoe, I seem to be constantly moving from one dwelling to another.

Being a conscious, psychological eater since early childhood, I chose to stop eating meat almost 10 years ago. Being lactose-intolerant and more informed brought on veganism in the last year or so. I'm interested in becoming a raw foodist, but am not rushing the transition.

I love the community and support VegWeb provides and am excited that I finally joined! Thank you for being amazing!!

Nice to meet you!!!  Glad you finally signed up!


Thanks! Me, too! :)


Welcome!  There are definitely some awesome recipes here, I print some daily and save them to my recipe box and I also downloaded the vegweb recipe finder app for my ipod!  Lovin it!

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