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Hello :)

I've been coming to this website for, honestly, probably a couple of years now... haha! I come here for the wonderful recipes all the time, and I glance at the forums every so often. I figured it was high time to join.

Just wanted to say hi. :)

Hi!  What's your favorite vw recipe?


Oh goodness. I really don't think that I can pick one, hah. Hmm... I love the Super Moist Chocolate Cake, Vegan Brownies, BBQ Tofu Cubes... Cathie's Southern-Style Cornbread... Curried Vegetable Chowder... I was introduced to the whole garbanzo-bean salad thing from this website, now I make it all the time. I was also introduced to the brilliant idea of chocolate tofu mousse and/or pie. I make that a lot, too, hah. :)

What's your favorite?


Nice to meet you!  I love the garbanzo bean's my go to recipe for a quick lunch.


Welcome!  Ooh all this talk of food is making me hungry!  This is a great community, I find lots of helpful information and tons of great recipes!

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