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Hello ! ! !

Hello ladies and gents! So here's my scoop....

I guess it all started with the overrated new years resolutions. I quit smoking on the last minute of last far so good!
My sister had recently become vegetarian so that inspired me to learn more about the exploitation of animals. I decided to go vegan for a month beginning on January 4th.

I'd say after about 5 days of loving it, I decided "I am vegan". Everyone that knows me decided I was crazy, haha.
For me, it wasn't only about the animals or dropping a few pounds but also about being able to be in control and choosing the type of life I want to live.

I really think becoming vegan helped me FINALLY quit smoking. I began my vegan journey after my weekend of depression and laying in bed hating the world (nicotine withdrawl!!!).  I became more conscious of how I was treating my body, and it also gave me something positive to concentrate on.

Anyway, it's all been quite an easy transition and more enjoyable than I thought.... so I think it's meant to be :)
I'm really excited to continue educating myself on a healthier lifestyle.
Oh, and the occasional excitement from that moment of realization......... "oh my gosh that's vegan! I can eat that!!!"

Thx for reading!

welcome!! im glad the transition has been easy for you! everyone on here is super nice, so dont be afraid to just jump in and start making friends. :)


Yay!! I agree; being vegan is really good for the self esteem! It's difficult but I try not to immediately tell every person I meet because I realized that it makes me look "strange". haha. So I wait until it comes up naturally in conversation (I'm no closet vegan). Anyway.. I'm ranting

Congratulations on giving up smoking.


Congratulations on both of your lifestyle choices.  Quitting smoking isn't easy, but being vegan makes you want to be healthy too.  Kudos!


Wow! That is amazing! I hope you hang on!! I am rooting for you here!! Today is my first day at the website and I have only been vegan for a month lol and I know how you feel! Being vegan makes me feel a lot in control of myself and I am loving loving loving it! I love this website too, I don't have any vegan friends or anyone I personally know that is even vegetarian, and I am so glad that everyone here is so nice! I have been hanging in the 'lean mean vegan machine' topics lol
When I told my friends 'i am vegan now' they were like 'whats the difference of vegetarian and vegan?' 'are you crazy?' 'what are you going to eat??' The following day I brought them a vegan chocolate cake (from this website) just so they could understand that being vegan is not about starving yourself or eating only fruits. I guess they forgot that there is a substitute for anything in a vegan way!
good luck with everything!! If you ever need motivation we re all here for you!!!


Congrats!  Being vegan is awesome. I never knew until I became a vegan that your supposed to feel good after you eat, not tired, uncomfortable, and napping on the couch.

This website has everything that your used to eatting but veganized. I love that I can s till make scalloped potatoes without cheese and not tell the difference.

The book "The PH Miracle" by Robert O Young" is highly recommended. It has lots of recipes and also pics of live blood cell analysis of what happens to your cells after eatting animal products. Seeing these pics is what turned  me to being vegan.

Happy eatting!


Thanks for the kind words!!!
I've found this site to be ever so helpful :o)

Best wishes to you all!!!  :-*


hi & welcome & congrats! i'm a new vegan, too. you're lucky to have your sister for solidarity :)

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