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Greetings and Thank you

Hi, My name is Terri and  I am thrilled to be able to begin interacting with everyone.  I have been lurking here for a few weeks after finding a recipe here through 

In your terms, I would have to call myself an omni although I am lactose intolerant and have to watch my sat. fats for family health reasons so I severely limit meats and eggs but I am not willing to totally give them up yet.  I have been looking for recipes that my family will not baulk at but meet most everyone's "requirements".  My daughter is trying to be an ethical vegetarian but has a distinct preference for pasta and cheese.  We are trying to get her to actually eat veggies.  My husband and sons are classic male omnis.  So far, everything I have tried has met with reasonable approval by those who have eaten it.  I really liked the baked mac w/ fireroasted tomatoes and (white) beans.  I forget the type of bean used.  I made that with a roast for the guys and green beans for everyone.  It was great to have something everyone would eat.  I have tried a few other things DH was not thrilled with but DS loved, as expected based on the type of food/ethnic inspiration.  DD has been out of town and arrives home today so she will get to taste some new things over the next few days. >:D

With my health concerns and DD's ethical concerns, looking for vegan cooking ideas is the logical way to find new foods for the family.    ;)b  At this point in time, I do not see myself ever fully converting to vegetarianism/veganism but adopting an eating style that could mistaken for it by those who do not source all their ingredients.

Nice to meet you! Less is more, when it comes to animal junk; even cutting back makes a difference. Hope you find many veg recipes that your family can enjoy together!


Nice to meet you!  Welcome!!!


Welcome!  I've found several really good "cheese" sauces using soy milk, nutritional yeast and one even used silken tofu - that had an excellent flavor, but I did have to add alot of salt, pepper and seasoned salt, but then I loved it.  I get those fresh bags of stirfry veggies and put over either brown rice or whole wheat pasta and top with the "cheese" sauce - yummy!  My vegan cookbook collection is growing and growing and I already have a list of which ones I'm going to get for Mother's Day if my family won't get them for me (they refuse to eat anything that's a vegetable (except for fried potatoes), green, or even a bean)


Welcome.  You'll find a lot of good recipes on here.  Have you tried making Seitan as a meat substitute?

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