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givin' it a shot...

ok, so this is day four in my venture into veganism.  i must say, i totally love it already.  i feel so much more healthy and energetic.  it's never been an option for me...i'm a girl raised in the deep south.  meat and cheese just come with the territory.  i had a baby in july and i really want to be healthy for her and i want to raise her to eat properly.  i have been looking for a lifestyle that i can incorporate into ours.  after seeing a news piece on alicia silverstone (she just came out with a vegan cookbook) i checked into the diet.  i found this website and just knew this was for me.  i live in such a small town that it may at times be difficult to follow...i have to drive at least 40 minutes just to buy tofu and soymilk.  it's worth it though...i already feel so much better!  i was wondering if anyone would be willing to tell me what a typical day is like for you, i.e. - what do you eat throughout the day?  thanks so much! 

hi welcome! their is a forum i believe under dine n dish

Topic: What did you cook / Eat today? .....A question to drool

that tells a lot about many peoples typical day... hope it helps i can always recommend recipes if u want!


for breakfast i usually eat: fruit, oatmeal, and soymilk. or ill make like a tofu scramble.

lunch is normally salad, with some sort of grain or something like rice and beans, steamed veggies, pita with hummus.

i usually eat just salads for dinner because i dont like sleeping on a full stomach.

hope i could help!



Check this thread out:    keeping in mind that vegan does not necessarily equal healthy.  My advice is always been variety, variety and variety.  A wide variety of whole foods to include lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains of different varietys, beans, beans and more beans!  Healthy fats and soy products in moderation.  Best of luck!  We're here for you.

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