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finally took the plunge in Seattle

Hi, all.

I've been vegetarian since I was a teenager and cooking entirely vegan at home for about the last 3-4 years, but finally decided to make the switch to full vegan a couple of weeks ago. What took me so long, right? I live in the ambiguously veg-friendly northwest but had to spend the week after I went vegan in Las Vegas for work. And I sort of feel that now that I've survived as a vegan there for a week, I can be vegan anywhere (Nevada vegans, you have my utmost respect!). So anyway, looking to share recipes, good times, and food with others, locally if possible. Thanks for listening!


Congrats on going vegan!!! 

That's similar to my journey...I was vegan at home, but not out and about, until I finally took the plunge. 



You are certainly not alone in saying 'geez, what took me so long?'... I was pescetarian for a decade; then egg-free dairy-free pesce for another goodly bit, before going '(forehead smack!) Duh! What was I thinking? Plants, please!'


Glad you're here! Be sure to check out the forums as well as the recipes... lotta  interesting folks & discussions about... Welcome!

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