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De-Lurking from Canada

Hello, everyone. I've been lurking around this site for years (I realized I joined in 2002), and have been an on-and off (but mostly off) vegetarian since I was a teen.

About three weeks ago, I made a switch to a vegan diet, and I feel great about this decision physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I can't see myself ever going back to eating animal products.

The hard part is that I don't know any veg*n people. My partners are supportive of me but are content to be omnis, and my family are devoted meat-eaters from Texas.

I'm looking forward to sharing and becoming part of this awesome community.


Hi Michelle!  Nice to meet you.

The only vegans I know are online vegans. 


Welcome Michelle!   :)

The only vegans I know are online vegans.

We gotta change that Tweety!


i didn't know any vegans when i started either. the people who inspired me to go vegan weren't even vegan.. i know, weird. and whenever i would meet new vegans irl i would basically be like "omg lets be bff!" and they would get scared.

at ANY rate, welcome.



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