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Coming out of lurkdom

Hi everyone!  After being a creepy lurker in the corner of the room forever, I decided I should finally de-creepify and actually, you know, register.  I've been vegetarian/vegan since college, and am now a vegan work-at-home wife of a gleefully carnivorous omnivore and mom to a meat-loathing vegetarian toddler.  So things can get...interesting.  Lately I've been finding myself really needing more vegan support--I love my family, but being the lone vegan among them (my friends and immediate/extended family are all omnivores, and Southern, bbq-loving omnivores to boot) can sometimes feel a bit lonely.  Hopefully I'm not the only one in this position! 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to posting more, or at least as often as toddler-wrangling permits! 

Hi, Lurker-No-More!


Nice to meet you. I have also been a lurker... mostly just love the recipes. Let's be more sociable, shall we?  :^


Nice to meet you.  Glad you're not lurking anymore.

You too Califdreamin!


Ah, toddler-wrangling... I remember those days... better exercise than kickboxing!

Welcome!... hope to see you around, unlurking the forums-- kid's gotta sleep SOMEtime, right??!!  ;)

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