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Coming back to site with different user name

Hey everyone! I used to be krista82 on here and now I am Food With Heart, since that is the name of my food blog. My name is Krista, I am 30 years old, vegan and from Michigan. I haven't been on since all the problems with VegWeb that happened for awhile. I am glad the site is problem free now and safe to come on. I am glad to be back in the community. I missed everyone and looking forward to meeting new people on here.

Hi Krista! I am new to this website. Could U tell me exactly what happened and why wasn't it safe? I hope there are no issues with the webiste. At first the webiste, is really impressive and encourages you to be a vegan, hope I can have fun here too meeting people and learning new recipes!


Hey Andy, welcome to the site! 

I don't know what exactly happened to the site, something about virus attacks to the site. I know the site is all new looking and all safe! So no worries about it now. 

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