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christmas struggles

Hey i have been vegitarian for 7 years, and went vegan bout 3 months ago. It hasnt been perfect, but like everythingelse in is a journey, and i continue to learn and grow with each bump in the road. However...this holiday season has been much more difficult then i anticipated. Both mine, and my husbands families live on the other side of the country, so we have planned a mini vaycay. which means staying in a hotel, and LOTS of eating out an my husband unfortunatly does not share my food views. I am a little worried about the weekend, but at the sametime, don`t want to feel deprived throughout it. Ont top of that, even though i work in a weightloss;health center....the amount of chocolate and homemade goodies cleitns have been bringing has been UNREAL! I;m really good at staying way from sugar..i know the havoc it wrecks on me..but chocolate...well thats  whole other story!! I have always prefered dark...milk chocolate makes me soooo gassy and feeling gross, so i ALWAYS stay away from that . but i have to admit, i have been enjoying more treats than i should be. I have done my own baking, so i try to stick with what I make..but it is hard.
any tips or words of encouragement would be much appriciated! After the new year I a going to be focused and am interested in macrobiotics as well. so any info pertaining to that would be nice as well

thanks to everyone and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

How did the holidays go, food-wise?


TERRIBLE!! ok not 100% terrible, but i deffiatly got into the chocolates. I think that was as bad as it got. i have registered on dr neal barnards site for his 21 day kickstart..really just to get  grounded and focused. I thihnk my biggest issue is i loose site of the big picture every once in a whle. so something like this that i can commit to is just what i need. :) Thanks for checking in!


Hi! Congrats on resolving to make some good changes-- even if you're not perfect at it right away, if you don't give up it will get easier & easier... the things that tempt you now won't always! Shout for help as needed, for vegan versions of favorite foods/ cooking with unfamiliar ingredients/ etc...

Happy New Year!


Don't beat yourself.  The kickstart sounds like a good idea.  I took a 30 day challenge and stayed vegan after that. 

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